Picnic Safaris Limited was registered as a limited liability company by the Registrar of Companies on 14 June 1994. It was set up as a tour company by two shareholders. Their vision in setting up a tour company at that time was to contribute to the national strategy of promoting tourism and tourism services in Uganda. The Company business commenced on 12 July 1994.

The firm provides a wide range of services, which include vehicle hire services, airport transfers, hotel reservations and tour packages. The firm has rendered these services satisfactorily within Uganda’s tourism sector since July 1994. We prefer hiring out our vehicles on the basis of “dry rates”, i.e. without fuel but inclusive of the driver’s remuneration. The firm does not provide self-drive car hire services.

The firm has a range of clients, who mainly include individuals, foreign tourists, other tour companies, Non-Governmental Organisations, private companies etc.  We have provided tour services to all our clients who travel all over the country to their maximum satisfaction. We have no record of vehicle breakdowns or accidents in the provision of our services.